Sunday, August 11, 2019

CTAS Live 2020 and 2.3 Million Views

On 18th August 2019 CTAS Live reaches 2020 Hours of Live Streaming, and over 2.3 Million Live Views.
CTAS Live Streaming started as a small service, but quickly grew as we wanted to provide better service, capacity, durability and reliability. This expansion has included coverage of motorcycle racing events such as NZSBK, Burt Munro Challenge, other sports such as V8Jetsprints, and more recently Rugby League. Since 2010, Ctas Live Video has reached a total of 2.3 Million Live Views.
One of our most important considerations is delivering smooth, reliable video. We wanted to provide a service that people could click on, watch and enjoy, says Grant Collingwood, CTAS Managing Director. You don't need Ultra fast broadband or to be near a cell site, and you can still enjoy our coverage, pretty much anywwhere in NZ, and in most countries around the world.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Live Action Replays

We have implemented new hardware and software so that we are now able to show action replays in slow motion. This feature has been used reliably at the ARL games over the winter, and will now be included in all events, including motorcycle racing and jetsprints.

The image to the right shows how a Replay icon shows up while we are replaying.

After the replay when we switch back to live, a green icon displays for a few seconds to show viewers that the images are live again.

These slow motion replays are recorded in the Live Video recordings, so viewers watching the video after the event, get to enjoy them as well.

Note that we can't stop time, and so we minimise the use and time of these, so that you don't miss any of the live action.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Remote Camera Wireless Signalling

An upgrade to our remote camera setup has enabled improved quality and reliability, with smooth HD video signalling from trackside cameras sending back to our mixer over long distances. We have used this setup at several events now, and it is working well.

The above frame shows an image from remote camera on the Club Circuit at Hampton Dowsn

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

Ctas Live - On Demand Video Recordings

Ctas Live Streaming Videos are stored and made available Free on the internet, on our On Demand page on the web site. 

Go CtasLive - On Demand for over 3500 videos from several sports events we have Live Streamed and Recorded over the last few years. 

Our Video Recordings are the unedited videos, free of ads and available for your viewing now.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Ctas Live Summer 2016/17 Streaming

The following are events we are Live Streaming this summer.

The Shorai Batteries International Motorcycle Classic is at Hampton Downs on Labour Weekend, and is one of NZ's biggest race meetings. This is followed by the beginning of the Auckland Motorcycle Club & Hyosung Cup 2016/17 Series at Hampton Downs.

In December, we have the ITF sanctioned NZTFI Oceania Indigenous Cup being held at Bruce Pulman Park, AK.

V8 Jetsprints National rounds start in December, with most rounds in 2017.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Live Ads provide exceptional value

The value of TV advertising has changed
TV has been an established form of advertising for many years, where companies pay a lot of money for minutes, or even seconds to present their product or services to the public. In recent years, we feel the value of this has changed with so many people recording, or live pausing, on top boxes or decoders, and then watching their show delayed, enabling them to fast forward over the ads. The result is that the money spent on advertising is wasted.

Comparing Live Stream advertising with websites and TV
Live Streaming is a relatively new form of media in terms of how advertising is structured. Unlike general web sites, which gain status for advertising based on views or clicks to count the value of ads, Live Streaming is more atoned to TV, where the viewers are sitting back, watching a show. Ie the screen is on all the
time, unlike a website, where the viewer clicks away to the next page within about 3 seconds, and totally ignores any ads. Further to this, Live Stream advertising cannot be recorded or live paused, so the viewer is unable to store and watch later. The result is that the ads cannot be fast forwarded over.

Type of viewers versus value of ads
Live Streaming tends to have less viewers than conventional TV. The reason for this is that people will sit down and watch TV, sometimes not caring what is on, but just to watch something, even if they are not interested, or there is nothing better on the other channels. The impact on advertising here is once again wasted, if the ads are targeted but the viewers are not, eg tyres or oil ads during a motor race, are not going to gain customers if the viewers are not intently interested in the automotive components available on the market. Live Streaming viewers are generally, involved or serious about the show, as they have gone to the trouble of logging in on the computer, going to the appropriate website, and often plugged it into the TV to watch on the big screen. These people are targeted viewers, and so worth so much more to advertisers.

Table comparing the advantages and disadvantages
Live Stream
Viewer Numbers
Related Viewers
Can't Skip Ads

Can't Click away

Full Ad plays

Cost of Advertising
Future Viewing Methodology

We find it very hard to determine the value of advertising, considering the current number of viewers on Live Stream, compared with viewers on TV. Certainly the other factors in the above table show Live Streaming to be far more beneficial and cost effective, but the question of how many viewers are required on Live Streaming, to equal the higher numbers of other media, taking into account the targeting and compulsion to view the ads, is difficult to substantiate.

Looking ahead to the Future, modern TV is moving towards viewer on demand, and internet based broadcasting services, so we will see more viewers adapt their viewing methods to the internet/computer Live Streaming type of viewing, in preference to sitting in front of the TV and watching whatever happens to be on. So the low viewing numbers and low costs  for Live Streaming advertising will grow quickly in the next few years.

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