Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ctas Live Timing, Audio and Video Streaming - Software and Video Updates

We have been busy through the winter upgrading our systems to improve your live experience. Exciting new changes have been made to the Live Timing software and the Video Streaming:

Live Timing - Software modifications have been implemented to improve the updates resulting in less data usage and smooth screen updates for users watching via the internet. At first glance the screen will look the same, but as the data comes in, you will enjoy the improvement.

Video Streaming - We have purchased and are setting up a new 3CCD HD Camera and professional tripod to allow us to follow the bikes better, and improve the quality of the coverage during races. With better focusing, more optical zoom, better camera and tripod controls, and directional mic, we hope to improve your viewing pleasure. Also, we are going to try providing two sound feeds. One with the video - using the external directional mic, and the commentator separately as we have done in the past.

Watch out for the Suzuki Tri-Series and NZSBK Championship right through this summer.

For more information on this system, go to www.LiveTiming.co.nz