Thursday, November 13, 2014

CTAS Live - Over 1000 hours of Live Streaming

On 8th March, 2015 CTAS Live reached the spectacular milestone of having successfully live streamed 1000 Hours.

Back in 2010 CTAS started Live Timing. This was a simple product that sent timing data to the internet so that people could follow the NZSBK racing live. This was a great first step, but we soon found that people wanted more, so this was quickly followed by Audio Streaming, and then Video Streaming.

This Live Streaming started as a very low budget system, but quickly grew as we needed better software, hardware, capacity, durability and reliability. This expansion has included additional motorcycle racing events as well as NZSBK, and other sports such as V8Jetsprints and Powerboats.

At 11am on 8th March, we reached the milestone of 1000 hours of Live Streaming. This coincided with the NZSBK 2015, Round 3 at Hampton Downs.

About Us
CTAS Live is a product of CTAS NZ Ltd. We Live Stream approximately 40 events each year.  Live Streaming an event normally includes Live Timing, Chat, Video and Audio, Cameras, Wireless links, Mixing equipment, Internet and Streaming service, plus the provision of recorded races after the event.

We would like to thank the following for their support: Tim Gibbes Track Timing, Wilsport, Barnes Jenkins Insurance, Boyd Motorcycles, Ian Dawson, MNZ, Commentators and all the clubs who run NZSBK rounds.

For more information about CTAS Live, go to, or contact

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ctas Live - New Video Mixer and Streaming Provider - 2014

While the NZ winter slows things down in the South Pacific, we work to design and build improvements so are just as busy as our summers. This year we have bought a new Video Mixer and signed up a new Streaming Provider.

The Video Mixer has enhanced, smooth seamless switching, extra features for displaying information in PIP and more interfaces.

Our new Streaming Provider has proven to be 100% reliable, more resilient and better quality than the previous ones we have used.

Ctas Live - V8 Jetsprints 2013~2015

CTAS Successfully streamed all rounds of the NZ Jetsprints Championship run by NZJSA. This coveres 6 rounds, from Meremere to Wanaka. The presentation, including the Live Timing, Drivers Profiles, Crash Replays have continued to enhance these events, and are enjoyed by many viewers around the world. After each event, we convert and upload the races, so you can watch them later.

To watch these, or other events streamed, go to our On Demand Web Site page and select the event you want to watch.

Ctas Live - NZSBK

CTAS Successfully streamed all rounds of the NZ NZSBK from 2013~2016 Motorcycle Championship. This covered 4 or 5 rounds each year, including the well known tracks of: Ruapuna, Levels, Taupo, Manfeild, Teretonga and Hampton Downs. The live streaming is always reliable and professional. As always, after each event, we converted and uploaded the races, so you can watch them later.

To watch these, or other events streamed, go to our On Demand Web Site and select the event you want to watch.