Sunday, August 11, 2019

CTAS Live 2020 and 2.6 Million Views

On 18th August 2019 CTAS Live reached 2020 Hours of Live Streaming, and over 2.6 Million Live Views.
CTAS Live Streaming started as a small service, but quickly grew as we wanted to provide better service, capacity, durability and reliability. This expansion has included coverage of motorcycle racing events such as NZSBK, Burt Munro Challenge, other sports such as V8Jetsprints, and more recently Rugby League. Since 2010, Ctas Live Video has reached a total of 2.6 Million Live Views.
One of our most important considerations is delivering smooth, reliable video. We wanted to provide a service that people could click on, watch and enjoy, says Grant Collingwood, CTAS Managing Director. You don't need Ultra fast broadband or to be near a cell site, and you can still enjoy our coverage, pretty much anywwhere in NZ, and in most countries around the world.