Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Live Timing and Audio for many NZ Motor Racing Meetings

Ctas NZ are actively involved in the development and operation of Live Timing, Video and Audio for NZ motor racing. This is done in conjunction with Tim Gibbes Timing, and updates are linked from www.motorcyclesport.co.nz

A sample of our Live Timing screen for last years NZSBK Final Round is as follows:

Rounds of race meetings being covered are at Events or can be accessed from the Live Timing link at www.motorcyclesport.co.nz.

The timing data is uploaded every few seconds, depending on track length, while races are actually running, so you can watch from anywhere in the world, and know exactly what is happening. We also offer a small screen for viewing from Mobile devices.

Audio data is picked up from the commentator, and streamed live in a small separate window, which allows you to listen while still viewing the Live Timing. The Audio is a button at the bottom Right of the Live Timing screen.

Video data (only available from tracks with Internet), is still being developed. We started off with low quality, but have improved this with better decoding software. The latest improvements, which are still being tested, will provide 3 x fixed cameras, and utilising Picture in Picture, to give watchers a better view of what is going on around the track. This part of the system is continually being reviewed, based on us finding ways to make the best use of limited facilities.

We also, recently, added a small Chat screen, so people watching remotely, need not do so alone.

The result is a complete sound, data and sometimes video experience of motor racing while events are actually being held, and this is quite rare for New Zealand. We are spending a lot of time and money, doing all this work, so if you are interested, please take the time to review our products, and tell your friends and family.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Grant Collingwood
Ctas NZ Ltd

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